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This page aims to provide members with information to help with running their buildings and charities. Please feel free to send in anything that you think would be worthwhile adding - email to

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There is now a series called the "Village Hall Podcasts" - which contains numerious 20 minute podcasts giving lots of tips and insights into how halls do things, up and down the country


Essential Reading

The Charity Commission (CC) is the primary site for all information relating to running a Charity - and most if not all of our halls are run as charities. It can be a bit of a minefield to navigate around, though. The following is a link to an organisation that has sifted the most salient pages on the CC site:


CC Report into VIllage Halls and Community Centres

Although published in 2004, the report in the above link contains a deal of information and observations still highly pertinent today.


Managing Your Community Building

This document is a veritable treasure trove of information on all aspects of running such a building.


HSE Checklist for Village and Community Halls

The key essential health and safety issues for hall committies.


Community Futures

LAVCH was effectively formed by Community Futures and hence we owe our existence to this organisation. It has helped us extensively in the past, rasing funds, running training and a whole host of other activities. We look forward to our continued partnership with this wonderful organisation. They currently offer a range of services to Village Halls, details of which can be found here.


Rural Services Network

This page links to their "Rural Funding Digest" page. As well as this useful (though not exhaustive) list of funding opportunites, there is a host of other useful information on the site.


Custodian Trustees, Holding Trustees and Managing Trustees - What's the Difference?

Two articles here which help to clarify the roles of different types of Trustee


LAVCH Constitution

This is our current governing document. The administration team are proposing a review and anticipate some modifications will be made over the forthcoming period.